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Since the Fall of 2017, Kidprov Chicago has been about helping children discover the confidence, spontaneity, creativity, trust and listening skills that each child innately possesses.  Through improv games the children develop their strengths independently and as part of an ensemble.  While learning the basics of improvisation, children will be empowered through the magic of play. 

At Kidprov Chicago every mistake is a gift and taking risks is celebrated.  In addition to the excitement and friendships our classes bring, they also teach a deeper connection with others, our surroundings, and ourselves.  Our philosophy is that improv builds trust and social skills, therefore allowing children to be successful both socially and emotionally. Our weekly one-hour class will build to a fun-loving performance for family and friends on the final Saturday morning. 

Our classes are taught by a duo with a combined 67 years of improv experience that began at the University of Chicago. One is a veteran improv teacher who has worked with kids (and adults) of all ages at The Second City in Chicago and ACME Comedy Theatre in Los Angeles, while the other is a lead elementary teacher at one of Chicago's premier 

progressive institutions, Francis W. Parker School.  

Saturday morning classes are back at Chase Park! Early classes are available for grades K-8. We are excited to bring you and your child into our troupe!

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